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Funkytown Sculpture Tour

A Reimagined Sculpture Show

An Ever-Evolving Experience

We are reimagining Sculpture Shows. Going from temporary, clustered displays to an infinitely LIVING show. One that livens up Concord on a daily basis and constantly is changing, evolving just like the city itself.


Artist: Ron Petersen

ARC is a symbol of hitting the target, even after changing the original course. Lighting takes the path of least resistance, which is often not where we assume it is but it still hits where it is meant to. 

Located on McGill Ave in front of Studio Print Shop.

My project-3.png


Artist: TuxedoKat

The meaning is to act as a bookmark of that moment within your consciousness. Someday in the future you won’t just remember the BookMark, you’ll be reunited with how you came to see it, whom you were with, and the actions that followed.

Located in front of Southern Strain Brewing.

My project-6.png


Artist: Ron Petersen

Located at Clearwater Arts Center & Studios.

My project-5.png


Artist: Ian Wegener

Process, environment and reaction:

Honing in on pieces without being too in your head and “precise” takes the creation process to other spaces. The experiment happens with available materials, shapes and forms, not letting one linear or mindful direction inform what always happens. I tune into the cross pollination that happens, the work manifests new hybrids and it keeps me from just copying and repeating things in my past. Upon reflection, we build a growing system that has all evolved in the same environment. Looking back, you can trace the genealogies and formulate how you think it came about.

Located in High Branch Brewing.

My project-4.png


Artist: TuxedoKat

This sculpture is a mosaic of naturally indigo-colored glass that was collected from a renovated mill in Concord NC. The glass was formed into panels which were permanently adhered to the internal steel structure. The internal light design is a double helix and can change colors via remote.

Located at the main entrance of the Gibson Mill Market.

My project-8.png


Artist: TuxedoKat

The dazzle of colorful lights dancing in the contours of glass have the power to captivate and inspire. Its radiating curiosity pulls you in to connect with its texture. As you touch The Endless DayMaker, the energies of heaven, earth, and every color move through your body. You see colors become brighter. A sense of peace growing louder. This closed circuit allowing an endless revolution of joy. When you release, the flow falls away and you depart with your day being made.

Located in front of Rowan Rock.

My project-11 (2).png


Artist: Wayne Vaughn

Genesis embodies strength, creativity, and femininity. It provided me with the unique challenge of manipulating metal to create the fluid lines.

Located in Rotary Square in Downtown Concord.

My project-10 (2).png


Artist: Richard Pitts

A powder coated aluminum statue standing an impressive 7 feet tall! 

Located in Rotary Square in Downtown Concord.

My project-7.png
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